What we do

Integrate English is part of the Integrate Group, a Madrid based group of companies specialising in communication skills training, language training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. Our team of mature and experienced teachers and trainers have a wealth of business knowledge ensuring that you receive the best possible business English language training and coaching.

We focus on helping non-native English speakers improve their business English. We know that people learn most effectively through practical, real and fun exposure to language; so that’s exactly what we offer.

Clear Measurable Objectives

We believe our clients should see clear results year on year. We start any course or workshop by setting clear and measurable objectives that are relevant to your business. We continue to measure progress against these objectives and provide feedback and support throughout the year to ensure they are reached.

Motivating Learners through interesting, relevant and fun classes

We know that people are much more motivated to learn when what they are learning is interesting, relevant and fun. We ensure that all our classes and workshops meet these criteria. We engage our learners through relevant business examples, real case studies and original and authentic materials. In our classes, participants spend a significant percentage of their time actively communicating, focusing on both language and skills.

Professional Teachers and Trainers

We believe that classes and workshops should be highly interactive and delivered by professionals. Our teachers and trainers are professional, dynamic and experienced. In addition, they enjoy what they do and are not just teaching English on a gap year.

Applying the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychology

The theory of how we learn is constantly evolving as we discover more about the human brain. At Integrate English we are passionate about learning and the link between neuroscience, psychology and how we learn language. We are constantly reviewing the latest thinking in this area in order to apply it to what we do in the classroom.

Our commitment to you

With every class or workshop we teach, our aim is to create an effective, dynamic and fun learning environment with a clear and measurable objective that is relevant to your business.

How we do it

We offer a variety of solutions to help you achieve your targets from In Company English Classes to Telephone Classes, English Emergencies, Coaching and Workshops.