Online Classes

For employees who have to speak English on the telephone or in video calls such as Teams or Zoom, online classes as the perfect way to improve their English and increase their confidence. Online classes are also useful for people who want to maintain or improve their fluency in English but don’t have the time to attend regular classes or those who are not office-based.

We offer our clients complete flexibility with online classes. We can arrange classes at set times every week or we can offer learners the option to arrange classes on a week by week basis, depending on their schedule that week. We can also offer regular classes with different teachers for those who wish to maximise their exposure to different accents.

Online classes are held on a one to one basis and are usually at least 25 minutes’ long. There is a lot of focus on building fluency and improving pronunciation. We can also set specific learning objectives, for example, key vocabulary in business situations or improving the use of certain grammatical structures.

Participants will be sent a short video, audio file or reading task by e-mail before the class together with some discussion questions. During the class, they will be encouraged to speak as much as possible about the task and will receive on the spot correction on any grammatical mistakes or pronunciation errors. Following each class participants will be sent an e-mail with feedback on grammar, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation.