Skills Workshops

We offer a variety of Skills Workshops in English in a range of different topics and also love working with our clients to develop new courses based on their individual needs.

All our workshops have a specific learning objective and use simulated activities to ensure that students get practical experience and exposure in a supportive learning environment.

We offer half day, full day, two day and four-day workshops on a non-residential basis. All of our full day, two-day and four-day workshops can be broken down into half-day modules or offered as a series of regular classes. As an example, one of our skills workshops can be taken for two hours every week for twenty weeks, for one day a month for five months or for almost any other timetable that suits the company’s requirements.

Our skills workshops can be tailored to different levels of English from B1 to C2. Some skills workshops can also be tailored to an A2 level.

Half Day Skills Workshops

Some examples of our half-day workshops are:-

  • Telephoning in English
  • Teleconferences
  • Interviewing skills
  • Effective e-mails
  • English in social situations
  • Chairing a meeting
  • Business travel
  • Working in virtual teams

One or Two Day Skills Workshops

Some examples of our longer workshops are:

  • Working on International Projects
  • Effective Communication in English
  • Perfect Presentations
  • Negotiating with Confidence
  • Mastering Meetings
  • Customer Service Skills

Four Day Skills Workshops

We offer four-day workshops in the same topics as in our one and two-day workshops. However, the longer duration means that we can include additional content, focus in more detail on certain areas and allow more time for learners to practice their skills. We can also combine one or more topics to suit your requirements.

We believe in flexibility and offering our clients exactly what they need. We can adapt any of our courses to your individual requirements.

We can also offer any two-day or four-day workshops on a residential basis.

If you are interested in a Residential English Immersion Course focused on Business Communication Skills, you can find more information at